Space is infinite.

Anything is possible. Drugs are being smuggled from world to world, maltech is reducing planets to smoldering rubble, illegal information is being traded in the matrix terrabytes at a time, mercenaries are being hired to assassinate political leaders the world over, and AI’s are being developed that could hold the power to take over entire systems. You and your crew have been given a ship from the powerful Wey-Yu Corporation, and your sole mission is to pay them back, or pay the consequences. Whether you smuggle drugs, transport world-destroying weapons, con entire planets, or trade information, Wey-Yu doesn’t care, as long as you make your payments on time.


A fine merchant vessel commandeered by the one and only JiTharr, and inhabited by the lovely Joan, the quick-witted Reginald Kobralyon, and the psychic Flint.


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